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DJ Steel Engineering Consultant is an architectural steel engineering company which is providing its services worldwide. Indian market is gaining popularity due to its low cost productions and high quality in every arena and DJ Steel Engineering Consultant is a forerunner in the industry with several satisfied clients throughout the world. Architectural drafting services of structural steel are done by expert Architects, designers and the drafters through our firm with the help of cutting-edge technology and they execute perfectly drafted dimensions in the drawings.

Architectural drafting services by DJ Steel Engineering involves fundamental drafting of structural layouts; foundation plans in shallow, stack or raft; beam framing in trusses, steel or RCC. We are pioneer in providing drawings in pre-stressed structure or 2D drawings which include walls and water retaining structures. Drafters of our company are well qualified in methodically executing the procedure of drafting which provides accurate structural drafting solutions timely. Every detail of the project is completely monitored, keeping in mind the budget, efficiency and cautionary techniques while drafting architectural projects. You can get drafting services in some of the structures listed below:

  • Commercial structures like hospitals, schools, institutions, sports complexes or malls etc.
  • Explicit structures like intricate buildings, steel or prefabricated systems.
  • Industrial structures like factories, industries, plants or sheds
  • Residential structures like houses, unit blocks, wooden homes etc.

Structural drafting services by our company are specially furnished for builders, architects, contractors or erectors. Our company also provides Architectural CAD Design Services for steel designing and detailing inside the building. We deliver detailed drawings of erections and components like beams, joints, connections or columns and the drawings are of high quality using the latest technology. You can visualize the drawings in 2D or 3D for better understanding and the complete detailing is provided to assist the erectors and architects for precise construction.

DJ Steel Engineering Consultant are a dedicated team of qualified professionals with vast experience and they deliver timely services along with high quality. With our company you will get drafting services by expert staff that will assist you with:

  • Foundation plans
  • Roof truss and Joint drafting
  • Shallow, pile and raft drawing
  • Chimney drawing
  • Structural connection drafting
  • Erection drafts
  • Structural engineering
  • Details of grating

There are several benefits of getting structural drafting done as it cuts expenses, saves time, provides customized process in the project, quickly apprehends your requirements and the services are instantly provided. DJ Steel Engineering Consultant has a team of trained professionals who are ready to help you at every stage of structural steel detailing, rebar detailing or steel fabrication.

IN: +91-79-48991610
UK: +44-208-819-9792
USA: +1-619-734-7463
333, 3rd Floor Iscon Emporio, Nr. Star Bazaar, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015, India