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When we talk about construction, we are all looking for a plan that is solid and resistant to natural occurrences/disasters. DJ Steel Engineering Consultant is diligent in providing you such plans with utmost accuracy. Be it a small or a big project, DJ Steel Engineering Consultant take care of every project with equal importance. Our niche in the industry has been gained in the industry gradually as we provide high quality in steel metal shop drawings USA. We have an expert team of engineers, draftsmen, architects, programmers and detailers who work together with a vision of the best quality with ample precision and assurance of both the above mentioned attributes.

In steel structural shop drawings services India, DJ Steel Engineering Consultant have the best tools and technology to yield the best results. To make our clients and customers understand better and give them an insight of what we are doing, we give them a very accurate and to the point consultation so that they can really work within minimum resources and hence reduce costs. Having said this, we also strive to work for the optimum benefits of our clients at competitive prices so that they and we, both the parties are at benefit.

Our shop drawing services include:

  • Structural shop drawings
  • Steel shop drawings
  • Columns shop drawings
  • Concrete shop drawings
  • Elevators
  • Steel components
  • Windows and Appliances
  • Cabinet Shop Drawings
  • Air Handling units and Millwork
  • Construction Documents

If you are thinking of outsourcing your shop drawings, we will give you some benefits which you can have a look at and hence decide thereon. You can use specialized skill that you might not get in your own company and also this would save on your recruitment and training costs as you wouldn’t have to train more employees to do this job. This idea is very efficient and helps you to focus on your core business rather than engaging in all small activities in the project. Any kind of operating costs or overhead costs are reduced thereon. As we focus on only one thing, we give you good speed and our focus remains in that very task. There are same standards of hardware available worldwide. Internet is of great help and you can save costs by using it as a global communication medium. When your project expenses are reduced, you also tend to minimize office expenses. This is of great help as it helps a business adapt to the changing environment and be flexible. It also helps you to compete efficiently with your competitors.

Shop drawing services are very important not only before construction but also after construction. So give us a call or visit our website to yield the benefits of this. DJ Steel Engineering Consultant are here on every step of your way to help you with any kind of shop drawing services.

IN: +91-79-48991610
UK: +44-208-819-9792
USA: +1-619-734-7463
333, 3rd Floor Iscon Emporio, Nr. Star Bazaar, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015, India