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DJ Steel Engineering Consultant is a well-known India based consultant firm that provides shop drawing services. They provide steel shop drawings, structural shop drawings and cad shop drawing services. With the services that we provide in shop drawings, we have gained a special forte in our field while satisfying our customers to the fullest.

Shop drawings are schedules, diagrams or other structural documents prepared for construction work for manufacturer, distributor, supplier etc. so they have an ease of understanding. It is specially illustrated by structural engineers. Now a day, there is a lot of competition in the market regarding this and we endeavor to cope up with this competition by engaging our professionals with latest technologies and tools so that they get the accurate results. We make sure we give you the highest standards and codes to meet your requirements.

Our main services also include fabrication shop drawings services, structure shop drawings, rebar shop drawings, construction shop drawings and precast shop drawings. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals provide finest results. Our shop drawings detailers give brisk details to the shop drawings making it easier for the other party to understand better. We have a whole process that we follow for making a shop drawing. We commence our work by seeking acceptance. The next step is we submit the approval status. The second last stage then focuses on the review by customers/clients. And the last stage is submitting the fabrication status drawings. The company makes sure that our shop drawings detailers abide by the process and follow it step by step thoroughly.

Our Rebar Shop drawings have made our clients loyal to us and their trust on our quality has enhanced. They fancy outsourcing steel shop drawings to us as we provide them faster services and this saves them a lot of time. We stick to our deadlines whatsoever. So if a company is also looking to lower their office expenses, outsourcing shop drawings is always a good idea. It helps one to focus on their main business and outsource such small aspects to us. It also lowers down their project investment by saving on the recruitment and training of more personnel. We help you make sure that your costs are minimum while your profits are maximum.

We at DJ Steel Engineering Consultant are an expert and a notable company in CAD shop drawings. Our results are accurate and we make sure they fit your exact requirements. This is our success mantra of providing you extraordinary output.

IN: +91-79-48991610
UK: +44-208-819-9792
USA: +1-619-734-7463
333, 3rd Floor Iscon Emporio, Nr. Star Bazaar, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015, India